this section is currently under construction.
watch your step!



  • do you do commissions?
  • not at this time. i will announce commission openings through my mailing list first, then the fediverse and then twitter.
  • would you like to collaborate?
  • i am currently accepting inquiries with regard to building sites for collaborative projects. reach out to me if you are interested!
  • did your therapist actually encourage you to draw fetish porn?
  • yes.

  • who is darby?
  • darby is an original character i created in 2020 who is an alien that came down to earth in a meteorite landing. she follows the "born yesterday" trope but is also written as neurodivergent and her stories usually follow her as she discovers herself and tries to integrate into human society.
  • where can i read more about your original characters?
  • you can visit my toybox site for a bit more information but it is still under construction.
  • can i draw fanart or write fanfic of your characters?
  • yes! please send it to me or tag me in it if you do, i would love to see it! nsfw is welcome too but please be kind to darby. she is very precious to me.

that's all i've got for now! you can send me questions using my contact form or on retrospring


  • hardware: custom windows pc, huion kamvas 16
  • software: windows 11, clip studio, adobe, brackets
    • brushes: perfect pencil, tgts's sketchbook pencil
    • gradient maps:
  • languages: html/css
  • apps: carrd, wordpress
  • education: some college, independent study
  • prescriptions: lamotrigine, testosterone cypionate, psilocybin, art therapy



  • 04.28.2023 :: began building gallery sections
  • 04.20.2023 :: created 404 page
  • 04.19.2023 :: made the age verification form work
  • 04.16.2023 :: created a landing page with an age verification form and hit counter
  • 03.25.2023 :: created a back to top modal
  • 03.24.2023 :: recreated chain assets and added more chains to desktop view
  • 03.15.2023 :: created custom color variables and made it purple
  • 03.06.2023 :: styled contact form and updated navigation from "email" to "message"
  • 03.06.2023 :: made dropdown arrows invert when dropdowns are active and changed the toggle to a lock
  • 03.05.2023 :: finished building site section
  • 03.01.2023 :: styled scrollboxes
  • 02.26.2023 :: added underlines to links to improve legibility
  • 02.14.2023 :: built about site section and under construction signs
  • 02.13.2023 :: designed site cards, changed "affiliates" to "links"
  • 02.08.2023 :: soft launch of website rebuild
  • 12.19.2023 :: finished home page graphics
  • 12.03.2023 :: rebuilt the top navigation using followandrew's tutorial
  • 11.20.2022 :: created darby headpat counter
  • 11.18.2022 :: created css dropdown top nav
  • 11.16.2022 :: created gallery, extras and contact page, guestbook and mailing list
  • 11.05.2022 :: created site